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Neurdivergent Queen Matte Water Resistant Sticker

Neurdivergent Queen Matte Water Resistant Sticker

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As a proud ADHD artist, I had to make this sticker. Those of you who identify as neurodivergent, get you one! Or five!! Perfect sticker for your hydroflask or laptop. <3 Customers have had good results with top rack dishwasher cleaning if you decide to attach it to a mug or water bottle. Otherwise, wiping it down with a cloth will help keep it looking brand new. Looking for even more stickers to decorate with? --WANNA SEE EVEN MORE COOL STUFF??-- See more of my art on my Instagram: Check out my shop's home page to see more art, stickers, and awesome gifts! **USPS DELAYS** USPS shipping times are seeing major delays due to COVID-19. Please have patience with the post office and with Hey Lemon as this shop is not responsible for delays, and every postal employee is doing their best with what they have. If you have any issues or would like to discuss shipping times, my inbox is always open! I'm here to help even if I can't hand deliver all my goods to each and every one of you. I hope you understand. **THANK YOU!** Thank you for being incredible and I'm so happy you stopped by my shop!

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